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Adopt a Tree and get “Liquid Gold” in Croatia

modern_vacation_rentals_croatia_4 With over a thousand islands in Croatia, which do you choose? One is quite special. Private and between Pasman and the Kornati Archipel, it is a beautiful, small, uninhabited island. The best part is you can rent Olive Grove, the only home on the south side, and enjoy the island to yourself! Not only is it in the bluest corner of the Adriatic, but it is also home to a famous olive orchard known for its high quality

extra virgin olive oil, or as Homer called it “liquid gold”. Plus you can adopt an olive tree to have your very own paradise in a bottle, Croatia's best olive oil!   Imagine staying at the Olive Grove in complete seclusion on this private island! Enjoy the sunsets, crystal clear waters, and munch on bread with the best olive oil in the world that was just freshly produced on the unspoiled island. This place takes island retreat to a whole new level. modern_vacation_rentals_croatia_3 Olive oil’s rich history dates all the way back to Greek Mythology. Zeus promised a newly built city would be named after the god who gave the most precious gift to mankind. And the best gift was… Athena’s gift of the olive tree. Now, olive oil continues to be an important food staple. So, what’s so special about the olive oil on one of the world's most indented islands in the Mediterranean ? modern_vacation_rentals_croatia_2 First off, when harvest begins (around the 20th of October) all olives are hand picked. Then, they are handled and pressed within 24 hours! This process produces top quality oil and the best part is you can actually adopt one of these trees to produce olive oil from your own tree year-round! By adopting a tree, you will receive 1kg of extra virgin olive oil from that specific tree with the possibility to buy as much extra virgin olive oil as you prefer. Along with a certificate with that tree number. If you stay at the Olive Groove built on a 47,500 m2 of private olive orchard, during the harvest season you can learn the process and even contribute a little labor for a reduced rate on the home. modern_vacation_rentals_Croatia_Dispatch_1 The home can be rented in its entirety or partially, but during pruning and picking season it can only be rented partially and you will have the chance to attend the olive picking. In addition, the home will never be rented to 2 groups simultaneously, even when partially rented.  Afterwards, enjoy the freshest olive oil you will probably ever eat with your meal in the orchard! modern_vacation_rentals_croatia_20 Olive Groove was first developed as an agricultural habitat and built around vast olive groves. Located on the southern tip of this Croatian island allowing you to enjoy one of the most attractive Mediterranean landscapes and giving you a private island escape. modern_vacation_rentals_Croatia_Dispatch_2 It's so secluded,  you have to get your groceries from a market boat that stops by every other day or call the market boat captain to bring you something. modern_vacation_rentals_croatia_5 The water is the cleanest and clearest of the Adriatic. In addition to paradise in a bottle, rent a boat and go island hopping, fishing, sailing, snorkeling or any other water activity you can think of in pristine, beautiful waters! modern_vacation_rentals_croatia_1 With its exceptionally perfect sea, sun, numerous bays, inlets and harbors, you won't know which activity to try out first.  Also, just 4.5 miles away from the mainland of Biograd na Moru, you can enjoy the pleasures of other breathtaking islands a short boat ride away! Or stay on the island and enjoy the 580m of private beach, 5×10 m infinity swimming pool, and terraces that have 300m2 of space all with sea views.


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