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What's Mama Shakti Got Sizzlin' in the Kitchen??

Have you heard singing or caught a glimpse of someone dancing in our
pool-side kitchen? Have you passed on desert at lunch only to be
persuaded that “you really, really gotta try this one?” If you answered
yes to any of the preceding questions, then you have encountered Mama
Shakti, our lunch chef and resident desert rock-star.


But no longer will your samplings of Mama's goodies be limited
to a gulp of hibiscus flower juice or a bite of her unforgettable
chocolate cake. We now invite you behind the scenes to pick up a few of
Chef Shakti's secret moves in the kitchen.
In addition to Chef
Fabian's Tuesday afternoon salsa marathon and Chef Esteban's Sunday
afternoon one-of-a-kind chile relleno class, Shakti is now accepting
avid pupil's into the pool-side kitchen for sessions in her preferred
domains: ceviche and deserts.
Take home some new skills and see if Mama's magic touch won't rub off on you!

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