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Watsu 101

Before having a Watsu therapist for a roommate I had scant idea what Watsu was all about. Now that I've experienced two different methods of the therapy I can't shut up about it.
It's almost impossible to fit Watsu into the framework of prior experiences. In fact, the only sensations I can remotely liken it to are flying in a dream or what it must have felt like being inside Mommy's belly, rolling around carelessly in warm goo. As the therapist pulled, pushed and pressed my body through a series of movements I felt every part of me completely relax. My body became as fluid as the water and my mind as crystal clear. It took me several minutes to come out of the trance-like state after the treatment, and my first words? “What the hell was that?!?”

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Angela, a master in a form of Watsu developed in Mexico known as Jantsu, explained that since the body is made up primarily of water, it is in this medium that healing is most effective. If one can trust the therapist enough to completely relax, the movements will quiet the mind and get the internal rivers moving. In the water, the therapist can feel every current flowing through the body, and focus the treatment accordingly. I'm not sure what she felt in me but she had me somersaulting under water and at one point she was pulling me across the pool by my hair. I came out of the water feeling blissfully brand new, with a new addiction to Watsu.

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