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Verana- The Soap Opera

Among the staff here we're constantly joking about what a great reality show our life here would make. The Real World intro always comes to mind- “35 strangers picked to live in the jungle to find out what happens when people stop being polite and start getting real. The Real World, Verana.” Only our life here, while equally drama-packed, does not remotely resemble the “real world.” Much like our guests, the members of the Verana staff have all come here, for whatever reason, to escape the perils of the civilized world. Indeed, most of us don't quite fit into the societal mold and don't much care to.
So, you can imagine we have quite a colorful cast, which when compacted with our remote location and close living quarters makes for some unusual entertainment. Here in Yelapa where TV reaches a select few and print media is almost unheard of gossiping is not only the main source of entertainment, but also the town sport. Inter-staff conflict consists mainly of accusations like “Felix said that Isaac said that you told him that I got wasted at the Yacht Club and went home with the new guy and that's why I didn't come to work on time and you had to work a double-shift!” We love each other, we talk crap about each other, we make out with each other, we have way too much freedom and even more alcohol at our disposal, all while providing top notch service at this one of a kind paradise. So, if there are any TV producers out there looking for a Big Brother meets Survivor (oooohhh how we would love to start voting people off the “island!”) kind of drama, all we're is the missing the cameras!

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