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Riding through the Jungle

We here at Verana like to do our best to accommodate our guests' every whim, so when Jeff asked us if there was biking in the area, we helped him out, even though it's not something we normally do as an activity. But after a day trip to Puerta Vallarta, where the trusty Eco Tours bike rentals is located, and our manager, Wim, from Belgium (he has a soft spot for bikers), in a day we were ready to put the petal to the metal…or the gravel roads, as it were.

bike ride people

The reason why we bike so infrequently is that when you're living in the Mexican jungle, there aren't a lot of trail options. So, we decided to do the 52 km ride from El Tuito to Yelapa. Some last minute scrambling later, we were able to get Wim to drop us off in his truck in El Tuito and spend the day biking back to Verana. Jeff was in top shape, he sprinted up the hills like a jackrabbit.

The ride is beautiful, with the aforementioned gravel roads winding through the jungle, past views and sites we normally don't come across in our resort hotel: a fighting rooster ranch, and a Riacca distillery, and the town of Chacala, to name a few.

Word of advice: once you get to Chacala, it is important to remember to get directions out of town. There are two roads to choose from, and if you take the wrong road, it will take you about three miles before you hit another village and realize where you're headed. Guess we learned the hard way so you wouldn't have to! Anyway, after our little detour (uphill, dear readers) back through Chalaca, we refueled with some snacks and finally pedaled our way back to Yelapa.

bike ride view

The ride ends at Yelapa Toppa with a view of the entire bay. On a clear day you can see everything: the Mariettas, Punta Mita, Nuevo Vallarta, Puerto Vallarta, and all the stops from Boca to Yelapa. The view alone was worth the three hour ride (which would probably have been a little shorter without our six mile detour). The best part of the ride is the final leg: four miles of downhill coasting to the back gate of Verana. And as Jeff can tell you, no bike ride to Yelapa is complete without a massage at Verana after you return.

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