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Jungle Politics

We're offering wi-fi for the first time this season because the idea of going an entire week without updates from the outside is enough to make some people reconsider their dream vacation. I admit, once in a while I get my mental junk food fix from a forgotten issue of People magazine (oh, the shame!), but now we're seeing i-phones and Blackberries on every table at every meal! Come on guys, we can do better than that!


noah and jules..........................(2703.jpg)

Alright, with the presidential primaries wrapping up it would be imprudent for people to disconnect completely. With such a pivotal moment in world politics upon us we're lucky to have such concerned citizens as Noah and Jules from Martha's Vineyard. Although they won't be voting in this, or even the next presidential election, they brought their laptop along just to stay on top of the results of the primary elections.

The results of the Verana caucus show Obama to be the clear favorite. And if there were any Republicans in the house at all they kept quiet.
Politics seem even more out of place at Verana's dinner tables, but just like the i-phones we'll let it slide for now. After all, the future of the world might depend on it.

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