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It's All in the Cards

The set up was straight out of a late-night infomercial- red satin
table cloth, incense, missing only the crystal ball and the Caribbean
accent. The skeptic in me was prepared for a generic 1-900 style
rendering of my dilemmas and dreams. Financial worries and workplace
woes?? Wow, how insightful, you already know I work at Verana!


Before we began, Guru Jorge explained that his grandfather
introduced him to the art of Tarot reading as a boy. In his younger
pursuits he left the cards behind to later rediscover their connection
with his life's work as a therapist and healer. Healing is all about
tapping in to the energy of others and gaining insight to their needs,
and Tarot is another means of revealing aspects of one's condition. OK,
I'll buy that, let's give it a go……
I won't divulge too much,
but I am now on the look out for me “with male genitalia.” Jorge's
translation of the cards' symbols struck some personal chords to the
point that I burst out laughing a few times. I'm a little uncomfortable
with a co-worker knowing so much, but he did suggest some things for me
to focus on and look for. Was I spared from an imminent quarter-life
crisis? Not likely, but the picture seems slightly more focused, and
that's all I was hoping for.
Jorge's cutting intuition, frequently
noted by guests and staff, is definitely spooky, but gives him an
undeniable edge as a therapist and makes him a really interesting guy
to be around.

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