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Goooood Job!

If you're vacationing at Verana, you must be doing alright for yourself. Lucky for us, our guests tend to be from the down-to-earth end of the well-to-do spectrum. Sure, we get the occasional wacko that wants to wash our mules with milk and honey, but for the most part our guests are open minded spirits with great careers and cool stories to share.

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Case in point, Virginia Young and Janie Lowe, the co-founders and “head color nerds” behind Yolo Color House. As creators of custom interior finishes, ranging from murals to plasters, the pair of artists became increasingly aware of the effects water-based paints had on the environment as well as their own health. So began the search for alternative paint recipes. Yolo Color House's environmentally responsible products are available throughout the U.S. and Canada and also on their website-

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