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Far Meadow in Winter

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Far Meadow in Winter is spectacular.

How to get there ?  By snowmobile only ! Check out our snowmobile page here.

For the B/W effect  and more winter beauty go here.

Far Meadow in Winter.  General Information.  What to expect.

For the winter month, when our cabins can only be reached by snowmobile, we open Dec19 until April or May, depending on when the snow has melted and the road is open for regular access.

If you want to experience this unique location during those month you need to either own your own snowmobile or be competent to operate a snowmobile. This is mandatory since it will be the only way to get you out in case of an emergency.

It is  about a 8 miles snowmobile ride to get up to the cabins and depends on the snow level, can be more or less. We require that you meet our guide and caretaker no later than 12 Noon the day of your arrival in order to get you out there.

If you can’t make it at that time we recommend that you stay at our ‘Basecamp’ on Old Yosemite Road in Oakhurst the night before and meet our guide there.

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